Micropropagation is the growing of plants from tissue cultures in sterile laboratory conditions. It enables the grower to quickly produce a large number of plantlets from a single parent plant, and to eliminate diseases and pests from the progeny.

The method was first developed in the late 1950s at Cornell University in the USA. It is now used for a wide variety of purposes.

At Plantek Lab, we use it to produce the highest quality plants for the retail and wholesale markets.


Stages of Micropropagation

Parent Plant Preparation

The parent plant is grown in carefully controlled conditions to ensure it is free of any contamination.

Culture initiation

Tiny tissue samples are taken from the parent plant and disinfected and purified with sterile water. The tissue cultures are then placed in a growing medium to encourage the growth of high quality shoots.


By controlling the chemical balance of the growing medium, the shoots can be made to multiply themselves by clumping. These clumps can then be divided into separate shoots and transferred into fresh growing media.

‚ÄčThis process continues until sufficient shoots have been obtained.‚Äč


These shoots are then placed in different growing media to produce roots.


Finally, the shoots are weaned in our specialised weaning greenhouse until they are capable of growing in normal conditions.

Note that aquarium plants do not require weaning.

Glossostigma elatinoides
Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum)
River Buttercup (Ranunculus inundatus)

The end result is high quality plants that are guaranteed to be healthy and vibrant and are ready for dispatch to you.

Our Growing Policy

We pride ourselves on delivering you plants of the highest possible quality standards.

Sterile Lab Conditions

All propagation is conducted in a sterile lab to minimise the risk of contamination of cultures.

No Harmful Chemicals or Preservatives

Unlike many other suppliers, we don’t add harmful chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives to our plants. This ensures our Live Aquarium Plants are perfectly safe for sensitive creatures like shrimps and certain delicate fish species.

Free From Disease, Pathogens, and Pests

A great risk when importing plants from other countries, particularly cheap plants from China, is that they are of poor quality standards and often carry diseases or pests. We don’t import any plants. They are all grown right here in the UK.

We source our cultures from our own carefully maintained mother plants, not from seeds, so there’s no chance of outside or cross-contamination.

Secure Packaging

We carefully package our plants ready for shipping on the day that they are shipped, so they don’t sit in in the dark in boxes for longer than necessary. We don’t post on Fridays or over the weekend so plants aren’t stuck in transit longer than they need to be.

Our Live Aquarium Plants are transferred directly from their growing jars into air tight bags that are hermetically sealed. They are then fastened to the inside of the shipping box.

From there we send them straight out to you.

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