Jade PlantCrassula ovata


Origin South Africa, Mozambique
Type Succulent Shrub
Soil Cactus mix

Watering Frequency Very infrequently

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

10 °C

H1b Subtropical

The Jade Plant is a succulent shrub that is native to South Africa and Mozambique. It is a very popular houseplant, in part because it is very easy to care for.

It looks like a miniature tree, and grows to a height of about 3 feet (1 metre).

The leaves are thick and shiny, with a wonderful jade green colour.

In the autumn, it produces lovely little star-shaped flowers, either pink or white in colour.

This is a charming plant that will liven up your living room and be a constant joy for many years to come.

Fun Fact

  • This plant is often the first plant a bonsai student is allowed to work on, because it is so easy to train

Safety Precautions

  • This plant is toxic to cats and dogs, so keep them well away from it
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