String of HeartsCeropegia woodii


Origin South Africa
Type Trailing Vine
Soil Cactus mix

Watering Frequency When dry

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

16 °C

H1a Tropical

Cutting length 10-15 cm
No. of cuttings 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10

String of Hearts is an evergreen trailing vine that is native to Southern Africa. It is a gorgeous plant that is ideally suited to hanging baskets, which show off its wonderful leaves and flowers to great effect.

It grows to between 6 feet (2 metres) and 13 feet (roughly 4 metres) in length. The stems will trail down from any elevated position, creating a stunning display of colour.

The leaves are shaped like hearts and are between 1–2 cm (0.5–1 inch) in length. They are a gorgeous dark green colour, and in low light conditions the undersides of the leaves will turn purple.

The flowers are tubular in construction and grow upright from the stem. They are off-white or pale magenta, and alongside the leaves they look beautiful. In fact, this plant is one of the most beautiful house plants in the world, and will definitely look great in any dwelling.

Fun Fact

  • This plant is also known as the Rosary Vine, because it grows small tubers on its stem that make the plant look like a rosary

Growing Information

  • String of Hearts is really easy to care for. It is semi-succulent, which means it stores its own water and can safely be neglected for weeks, if necessary
  • Only water this plant when the soil is dry, and make sure it never sits in water
  • It is a tropical plant, and needs to be grown in a warm environment, with a minimum temperature of 15 °C (59 °F)
  • A partially shaded spot is the best location for this plant
  • The best soil for String of Hearts is a standard cactus mix. During the growing season, you can feed it with a houseplant fertiliser. After Midsummer, stop feeding it until the following spring
  • This is an easy plant to look after, and is ideal for those with little experience or time to spare. With minimal input from you, it will both thrive and brighten up your home
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