Desert RoseAdenium obesum


Origin Tropical Africa, Arabia
Type Succulent shrub
Soil Sandy

Watering Frequency Summer only

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

10 °C

H1b Subtropical

The Desert Rose is a species of dogbane that is native to the Sahel region, tropical Africa and Arabia, from where it gets the name Desert Rose. In its natural habitat it is located in open, sunny positions in sandy soil.

The Desert Rose is a succulent shrub that can grow up to 1–3 metres (4–10 feet) tall and can live to well over a hundred years.

It produces gorgeous red, pink and white flowers, which bloom from June to August. They look like stars.

The leaves are arranged in a spiral formation, and can grow to 15 cm (6 inches) long.

This stunning looking plant will add a touch of beauty and elegance to any home.

Fun Fact

  • The poisonous sap is used as arrow poison for hunting large game in Africa, and as a fish poison

Growing Information

  • This is a very slow growing plant
  • It may take several years before flowering

Safety Precautions

  • The sap of this plant is poisonous, so keep it well away from children or animals
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