Star CactusHaworthia retusa


Origin Western Cape
Type Succulent
Soil Cactus mix

Watering Frequency Summer mainly

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

1 °C

H2 Tender

The Star Cactus is a species of succulent that is native to the Western Cape Province in South Africa.

The Star Cactus forms a rosette with translucent, triangular, very thick leaves, green in colour, which grow up to 8 cm (3 inches) long and 2 cm (1 inch) wide and bend backwards to the ground. It looks like a star, hence the name.

In late spring to summer it produces flowers which are tubular, white in colour, in racemes up to 50 cm (20 inches) long.

This distinctive, wonderful plant will be an eye-catching addition to any home.

Fun Fact

  • The leaves of the Star Cactus are of interest to botanists due to their translucent nature, which illuminates the interior photosynthetic area of the plant. These are called “window leaves”
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