FrangipaniPlumeria rubra


Origin Central America
Type Tree
Soil Peat

Watering Frequency Summer mainly

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

13 °C

H1b Subtropical

Stem Height 8-10 cm|11-13 cm|14-16 cm|17-19 cm|20-22 cm|23-25 cm|26-30 cm|10-15 cm cutting|26-30 cm with branches
Trimmed Top Yes (20% off)|No

Please Note

  • Our Plumerias are grown from mixed seeds, so there is no way to determine future colours of individual plants. The picture shows three possible colour variations, with pink being the most common of them.
  • Some of the leaves will be trimmed for more secure packaging. They should re-grow quickly.

Frangipani is a tropical tree native to Central America, although now grown all over the world. It has bright flowers which bloom in a variety of colours, and is a popular ornamental plant.

Frangipani grows to a height of between 7–8 metres (21–24 feet) and has a thick trunk with thin, grey bark. The branches are brittle and easily break off.

The sap, a white, latex-like substance, is mildly poisonous and can cause skin irritation and a nasty rash. Be careful when pruning!

When they open out, the flowers are 5–7.5 cm in diameter (2–3 inches) and are a variety of colours: pink, red, white and yellow blooms are all seen. This makes it stunning to look at when in full bloom. They are very fragrant.

The pointed leaves are large, 30–50 cm (12–20 inches) long and will fall every autumn.

The seed pods are long (17.5 cm or 7 inches in length) and contain winged seeds.

In tropical climates the Frangipani can be grown out of doors but in temperate climates it is best to grow it as a potted plant. It must be kept warm, at least 13 °C (55 °F).

Fun Facts

  • In Cambodia, Frangipani flowers are made into necklaces as offerings to the gods or as coffin decorations
  • Frangipani is one of the ingredients in Nag Champa incense

Safety Precautions

  • The sap is mildly poisonous and can cause skin irritation
  • Care should be taken when pruning
  • We recommend wearing gloves when handling this plant
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