White Bird of ParadiseStrelitzia nicolai


Origin South Africa
Type Flowering
Soil Nutrient-rich

Watering Frequency Moderate

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

1 °C

H2 Tender

Also known as The Natal Wild Banana, a species of banana-like plants that grow in the tropics. It is native to Southern Africa. Despite its name, it isn’t a true banana plant and doesn’t actually produce bananas.

It can grow to a height of 6 metres (20 feet) and has a light to dark grey woody stem.

The flowers have white petals and a purple-black “beak”; they look like the head of a bird, with a long beak and white crest.

The leaves are large, up to 2 metres (6 feet) in length. They tear easily in high winds, so the plant needs a sheltered spot to grow.

The seeds are black balls with an orange tuft of hair.

It is impossible to prune the Natal Wild Banana without killing it, so you need to have room for it to grow. Its flowers make it an unusual specimen for your greenhouse or conservatory.

Fun Facts

  • The Natal Wild Banana contains the pigment bilirubin, which is usually found in animals
  • Strelizia nicolai is named after the Russian Tsar Nicholas I

Growing Information

  • Do not prune this plant
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