Chinese CrassulaSinocrassula yunnanensis


Origin China, Myanmar
Type Succulent
Soil Cactus mix

Watering Frequency Summer mainly

Suitable for Bonsai


Min. Temperature

1 °C

H2 Tender

The Chinese Crassula is a species of succulent that is native to China and Myanmar. In its natural habitat in the Yunnan Province of Western China, it can be found growing in the cracks of rocks, where there is good drainage, at an altitude between 2,500 and 2,800 metres (8,200–9,200 feet).

It is a low growing plant that looks a bit like a hedgehog.

It has clumps of upright, tightly-packed rosettes with fleshy leaves, which can be dark-green or brown-red in colour.

In autumn it produces white flowers on red stems. They have a pleasant scent.

This is a distinctive, captivating little plant which makes an ideal houseplant.

Fun Fact

  • The Chinese Crassula was first described by the 19th century French botanist Adrien Rene Franchet

Growing Information

  • Although Chinese Crassula can survive mild frosts, it is probably best to grow it as a houseplant. It will look particularly fine placed on a windowsill.
  • As with other succulents, it prefers a bright light and full or partial sun.
  • Humidity is not an issue.
  • We recommend a soil that drains well, such as a cactus mix or a very fast-draining potting soil mixed with sand.
  • It can be watered regularly while growing, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Do not overwater. In the winter, it can be watered once every 2 months.
  • Feed with a cactus fertilizer in the summer, and do not feed during winter.
  • These plants are prone to attack by aphids.
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